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EPIC Management Systems Pty Ltd is a respected management consultancy specialising in increasing stakeholder value through our tailored service offering of strategic and business planning, personnel resourcing, project management and management systems development.

Rod Gardiner
Director & Principal


We firmly believe that the primary goal of every business is to increase stakeholder value! The most important stakeholders are the shareholders who own the business, the customers who purchase products and/or services from the business and the employees who work within the business.

Our primary focus is in the fields of Business Development & Planning, Project Management, Health, Safety & Environment Management, Quality Management, Training and Continuous Performance Improvement. The professional team of specialist consultants at EPIC Management Systems Pty Ltd provide proven solutions to the Oil & Gas, Chemical & Petro-chemical, Mining & Minerals, Energy & Power and Transport & Logistics industry sectors.


Our Vision:
"Being recognised for increasing stakeholder value."

Our Mission:
"Supporting our clients through Strategic & Business Planning, Personnel Resourcing and Management Systems development to increase stakeholder value."



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